CDLA Welcomes DMS Options as a new Sponsor!

The California DUI Lawyers Association is pleased to welcome DMS Options as a new Bronze Sponsor!

DMS Options offers private Electronic Monitoring Programs (EMPs), featuring a range of monitoring services such as GPS monitoring, house arrest, curfew monitoring, continuous alcohol monitoring (SCRAM), and drug monitoring. In addition to these standalone services, we provide a comprehensive outpatient program that seamlessly integrates these monitoring options with the expertise of licensed professional drug and alcohol counselors.

 Our counselors are highly trained in alcohol and drug dependence as well as relapse prevention, ensuring that clients receive expert guidance throughout their recovery journey. Notably, many clients who initiate our program pre-trial ultimately find themselves sentenced to Options in lieu of serving jail time.

 DMS Options is a trusted resource, receiving referrals from private and public defenders, probation officers, district attorneys, and judges. With offices located in both Northern and Southern California, we offer the flexibility to come to court, advocating for your clients' release and providing expert testimony to validate the efficacy of our products.

 We are a reliable partner in the defense community, and we are dedicated to helping your clients navigate their legal challenges while fostering positive outcomes in their recovery.


 Ryan Leary

Premiere Bail Bonds

Options Outpatient

Cel 408.482.7822

Ofc 408.380.4861

136 Race St San Jose, CA 95126

[email protected]

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