The California DUI Lawyers Association (CDLA) was founded in 1989 by Ed Kuwatch and a small group of DUI attorneys. CDLA is focused on issues impacting the DUI case and drunk driving defense attorneys in California. The organization also advocates for legislative changes to improve the laws of this state. 

CDLA recognizes that DUI cases in California require special expertise, resources and specialized knowledge in both the science and law behind DUI enforcement. Membership in CDLA is one important indicator that validates an attorney's claim that he or she is focused on DUI defense.

CDLA membership is limited to DUI defense lawyers in California who agree with the Statement of Purpose, and who are not involved in either the prosecution or law enforcement, nor any organization that is interested in the prosecution of people accused of drunk or impaired driving. Many of the top DUI defense attorneys in California belong to the CDLA.  

The CDLA is also devoted to educating the public about the dangers of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. On the website, the public can find numerous articles related to the DUI law, punishments and penalties in California for a first or subsequent DUI arrest or conviction. The CDLA website also provides important information on DUI statistics throughout the state of California.


All of our members emphasize, in their respective criminal defense practices, defending citizens who are accused of driving under the influence and related cases.  The collective knowledge our membership is vast.  We have members who have argued before the Supreme Court, written numerous appellate briefs, presented and lectured to attorneys from all over the United States on various aspects of DUI law, and generally are the most well versed in DUI defense than the general criminal defense bar of California.
Our members enjoy the collegiality of what has been described as, a 300+ member law firm.  CDLA has a listserv, where you can post a message or question and have it seen by 300+ members, and thus, receive help or an answer in real time.  Members can discuss ideas for trial, relevant decisions in the SCOTUS or appellate courts, and exchange motions or pleadings.  It is like having partners in a law firm who are more than willing to help.
CDLA provides many opportunities to gather and learn and obtain MCLE credits.  Each year we hold 4-5 seminars, ranging from our two-day Annual Kuwatch Conference in San Francisco (Ed Kuwatch was our founder and inspiration) to some smaller dinner meetings held regionally in Northern, Southern, and Central California.  Unfortunately, in 2020 and 2021, we had to adjust and hold these meetings virtually due to COVID-19.  In 2022 we have returned to offering free on-line webinars for our members as well as in-person educational programs and dinner meetings held in both Northern California and Southern California . All CDLA webinars and in-person meetings qualify for California MCLE credit hours for our members. CDLA is a prestigious organization composed of highly qualified and dedicated DUI warriors.
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Learning Module Section

If you are a member, you will have access to our Learning & Information Section. Within this section, you will find recordings of  previous seminars, webinars and dinner meetings. Some of these will be offered for free and for others, there might be a charge. Additionally, we will post articles, transcripts, and motions on various topics pertaining to DUI defense. This access is an additional benefit of CDLA membership.  Please be patient.  We are gathering content and will post as soon as we can.

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