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The California DUI Lawyers Association (CDLA) is a non-profit organization with over 400 members. CDLA is believed to be one of the oldest impaired driving defense bar associations in the country. Collectively, our members serve thousands of clients each year and are enthusiastically committed to zealously defending their clients accused of driving under the influence and related offenses.


CDLA fosters a spirit of fellowship and the free exchange of ideas among attorneys and others who regularly participate in the defense of persons charged with driving under the influence and other related offenses. CDLA’s listserv is a valuable, informative, and frequently used resource for members seeking or offering advice and guidance to other members with DUI-related matters.

CDLA offers a comprehensive program of education and training to attorneys and others for the purpose of developing and improving their abilities.  Each year CDLA offers 4-6 free webinars, several in-person meetings held in both Northern and Southern California, and an annual two-day conference. CDLA is an approved provider for MCLE credit from The State Bar of California.

CDLA encourages improvement in court procedures and prosecutorial practices with the aim of obtaining fair treatment of defendants and defense counsel in DUI and other related matters.


CDLA offers three classes of membership: Regular, Associate, and Specialist. Membership classes are not open to anyone involved in either the prosecution or law enforcement of persons accused with driving under the influence and related offenses.


Regular membership is open to all attorneys who have “active” status with the State Bar of California and who regularly participate in the defense of persons accused of driving under the influence and other related offenses.  Public Defenders who meet these qualifications are offered significantly reduced dues for CDLA membership.


Associate membership is open to all non-attorneys with specialized knowledge and/or training in areas pertaining to driving under the influence defense.

Associate membership is also open to all attorneys who are licensed to practice law in a state other than California and who defend those accused of driving under the influence or driving while intoxicated and related offenses.


Specialist membership is reserved for very experienced and knowledgeable defense counsel. Please contact CDLA Executive Director Roger Andersen for the specific criteria for specialist membership.



“CDLA membership is an absolute must for any California attorney who handles any DUI cases. No local criminal defense bar association can even come close to the DUI knowledge the 400+ CDLA members provide each other. Our listserv provides access to the best DUI attorneys in California. CDLA seminars feature top-notch speakers and experts who address different aspects of your DUI practice. There is no doubt that CDLA has made me a better DUI attorney and I am confident all of our members feel the same way.”


 LYNN GORELICK (Pleasanton, CA)

“CDLA has made a major impact to my successful DUI practice. The listserv, educational programs offered throughout the year, annual conference, and the generous sharing and collegiality of our members have enabled me to grow professionally and to provide exceptional service to my clients.”

 ROSE E. RIVERA (Redwood City, CA)

“As a new member of CDLA I have found the programs and services exceptionally useful to my developing practice. The CDLA listserv serves as an interactive think tank to solicit and receive expert knowledge, advice, and counsel from experts and specialists. The free webinars and in-person programs provide valuable education and training to enable me to keep abreast of an ever-changing profession. I would recommend any attorney who handles DUI cases join CDLA and become part of an exceptional community of outstanding attorneys."


For additional information and to join CDLA, visit our website:  www.californiaduilawyers.org

You may also contact our Executive Director Dr. Roger C. Andersen at [email protected]







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